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Candy Jar Gifts

Personalized Candy Jar Gifts

Treat all those around you to our spectacular candy jar gifts. Each jar can be personalized through our diamond-engraving that allows us to create a unique gift for each lucky recipient. Use it to say "thank you", "congratulations", as well as a holiday gift. In addition to phrases, we can engrave single initials and monograms that make this item the perfect display item forever. In addition to the personalized jar, we fill each one with our wicked-good peanut butter truffles that have proven to be loved and craved. Ordering is easy. You order, we ship it, and they will LOVE you forever!



Peanut Butter Truffles by Larson Candy Company

In the wide array of candies and confections available everywhere, it can be difficult to decide on the treat that completely satisfies your inside craving for a treat that fulfills all your senses. A treat that visually draws you in. A treat that livens your nose and sparks your mouth-watering sensations in anticipation of what you're about to experience.

You have just discovered that treat. Peanut Butter Truffles by Larson Candy Company are a balanced blend of ingredients result in your new addiction. The wonderfully crafted centers are a light peanut butter blend textured with a slight crunch that raises eyebrows on your first bite. Combined with a splendid jacket of chocolate coating, and the flavors dominate and saturate your senses to the point of ultimate enjoyment.

Experience what we have been creating for over 30 years. The wonderfully fantastic Peanut Butter Truffles by Larson Candy Company.

We've kept it simple, and ordering is easy. We deliver to most locations. We appreciate your joining our family and we'll be seeing you regularly.

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